How to master Android navigation: A Comprehensive Guide for Developers

As more and more mobile applications are being developed every day, navigation is becoming an increasingly important factor in determining the success of an app. As a result, Android developers must be more precise than ever in designing a user-friendly and intuitive navigation experience. With the introduction of the Navigation Component in Android, developers now […]


Navigate Your Way to Success: A Beginner’s Guide to React Native Navigation

Are you interested in using React Native to build mobile applications? If yes, navigation is a crucial aspect of any application, allowing users to move seamlessly between screens and views. React Native provides various navigation libraries with powerful features, including stack navigation, tab navigation, drawer navigation, and more, which can help you create smooth and […]


Free QLearnIt 4 for beginners

A new cycle of free QLearnIt courses QSD is giving you, for the 4th time, a new cycle of the QLearnIt iOS course worth 2200 EUR! After the cycle intended for advanced iOS developers, this course is designed for beginners. But, as always, guaranteed employment awaits you upon completing the course! So far, 11 iOS […]


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