Free QLearnIt 4 for beginners

A new cycle of free QLearnIt courses
QSD is giving you, for the 4th time, a new cycle of the QLearnIt iOS course worth 2200 EUR!

After the cycle intended for advanced iOS developers, this course is designed for beginners. But, as always, guaranteed employment awaits you upon completing the course!

So far, 11 iOS developers have passed the QLearnIt free course, and each got a job as an iOS developer. That’s why QSD decided to help beginners get a job.

Rezultat slika za swift 5 whats new

To target only the most interested and qualified beginners, before accessing the course, QSD asks you for the following:

  • good knowledge of at least one OOP programming language
  • you have at least 6 months of active programming experience in that language
  • you’ve mastered Swift and are ready to code a Swift application
  • (plus) you know the OOP paradigm well
  • (plus) you know the lifecycle of objects in memory and pointers well
  • (plus) you have a degree in IT or are at the end of your studies
  • (extra plus) you have programmed your mobile application
  • (extra plus) you have studied Objective-C before

QSD offers you:

  • 1 on 1 mentor
  • equipment & office
  • a concrete beginner’s project

Apply now, as we only accept the top 2!

Send a motivation letter and CV to no later than 1/12/2019.