QSD Internship 2024

Dear IT students, Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? QSD is thrilled to invite you to join us for another exciting internship opportunity at our company in Mostar! Every year we offer IT students the chance to acquire practical experience through internships in our company, and we have been doing […]


Marketing & Branding Specialist

Are you on the lookout for a career boost or simply a positive change? Look no further.
Self-motivated, well-organized, adaptable individual who will be involved in planning, developing, and implementing the company’s marketing strategies is what we at QSD are looking for.


Office Manager

QSD is in search of a part-time Office Manager. We seek a highly organized and proactive individual to oversee our office operations, ensuring a smooth and efficient work environment.


Join Our Internship Program

QSD believes in nurturing talent and paving the way for the next generation of coding wizards. Our internship program is more than just a stepping stone; it’s a dynamic learning journey designed to empower students with real-world skills and experiences within the realm of software development. Let’s dive in and discover how we’re equipping the […]


App Localization with String Catalog

Introduction Localizing your iOS app is crucial for expanding its reach and increasing user engagement. By offering your app in multiple languages, you make it accessible to a global audience, enhancing its marketability and potential for higher downloads and revenue. Localization also demonstrates a commitment to user inclusivity, improves user experience, and fosters a stronger […]


Junior PHP Developer

QSD seeks a talented and motivated Junior PHP Developer to join our in-house team. If you’re passionate about PHP, especially Laravel framework, and eager to work on exciting projects, this opportunity is for you. We offer an extraordinary growth path, a supportive work environment, and compensation above industry standards. If you’re ready to accelerate your […]


Next.js Rendering Methods: Differences between SSR, SSG, CSR, and ISR

Content Introduction What is rendering? Client-Side Rendering (CSR) What is pre-rendering? Server-Side Rendering (SSR) Static Site Generation (SSG) Incremental Static Rendering (ISR) Summary Introduction Rendering is pivotal in transforming React code into HTML, dictating how web applications are displayed to users. The choice of Next.js rendering methods depends on the specific data being handled and […]


ChatGPT API and Blazor Server: Creating an Exceptional Customer Support Chatbot

Chatbots have been in the tech world for a long time, but until recently, they only had a wide use outside specific areas. With the emergence of OpenAI’s user-facing ChatGPT and ChatGPT API, this field has gained widespread attention in the mainstream population and media. Leading companies strive for great client experiences while increasing efficiency […]


React Native Reanimated: Your Ticket to 60FPS Animations

React Native Reanimated is a valuable React Native library that allows developers to create seamless and polished animations and interactions for their mobile applications. React Native applications execute their code outside the main thread, a crucial aspect of the React Native architecture. By doing so, React Native can prevent frame drops when the JavaScript code […]


Swift Guide: Making a Rotatable Knob Control – Step-by-Step

An in-depth look at designing and building a rotatable knob control found on most audio devices and interfaces. Native iOS controls are almost always preferred when building a user interface. However, sometimes making a custom control is bound to happen. Since the native knob control doesn’t exist, we will make one in this blog—an example […]

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