Happy Tester’s Day: A Brief History of Software Testing

Have you ever wondered what the IT world would be like if testers didn’t exist? Certainly not as it is now. Without them, bugs and errors would go undetected, and crucial features of the software would never be deployed. A well-developed QA system increases a company’s credibility, boosts products, and improves workflow efficiency.

Every IT community requires testers because there would be no one dedicated to identifying issues within the software of a computer, machine, program, or other devices that could cause it to malfunction. However, Quality Assurance is more than just testing; it is also the process of incorporating quality into software development. 

On September 9th, testers worldwide celebrate their professional day, and we wish to give their job the recognition it deserves.

What importance does September 9th have for IT professionals? Many testers are unaware of the story behind this date. Keep reading to find out.

A brief story of Tester’s Day

Grace Murray Hopper was an American scientist and computer programming pioneer who invented one of the first linkers. One of the many stories she enjoyed telling was about an event on September 9th, 1947.

When we look back at the testing history, this day has become legendary. When the scientists at Harvard University tested the computer Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator, they discovered a small moth between the electromechanical contacts. Engineers spent hours that day investigating an error and eventually found its source: a moth trapped in relay #70, panel F. Then, one of their team members said the word “bug.” So there you have it, the term “bug” was born. After that, when the scientists were required to write a report on their findings, the term “debugging” first appeared. And this is how the profession of “tester” was born.

Today, testers play a significant role in software development, concentrating on identifying defects and bugs in software. They apply rigorous testing processes to the software to check whether requirements or defects need to be fixed before release. Currently, there are Test Analysts, Test Engineers, Quality Analysts, Software Testers, Quality Assurance Analysts, Technical Test Specialist, and so on.

Today is Software Tester’s Day, and we wish to thank all testers for the demanding job that they are doing. They work diligently behind the scenes to ensure that we have high-quality software.

Happy holiday, testers! Don’t let any bug escape your sight!

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