Internship at QSD

An excellent opportunity for students to start building their careers

QSD, in cooperation with the Faculty of Information Technology and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computing, and Electrical Engineering in Mostar, offers students an excellent opportunity to start building their careers early through the #internshipprogram2021.

The students can apply directly through the faculty office or via e-mail The program is open to all third and fifth-year students from the above-mentioned faculties. After their application QSD will organize initial interviews with each applicant to receive feedback about their preferences and later organize an internship program under their prior knowledge and skill set. The program usually lasts from five to eight weeks.

The whole internship is based on teamwork under the supervision of a mentor and involves work on a “real project.” The main internship goal is to help students use in practice their knowledge and skills acquired through education and prepare them to be more productive in their future careers. In addition to the technical skill set, interns will have the opportunity to acquire desirable soft skills competence and get acquainted with the business world environment. They will also get acquainted with agile project management methodology and learn what iterative or agile life cycles are composed of. 

What QSD has to offer interns:

  • work on a specific and challenging project

  • one on one mentoring of the best experts

  • introduction to the OOP paradigm

  • working in cutting-edge technologies

  • minimum hierarchy and agile PM approach

  • the dynamic and stimulating work environment

Apart from being an excellent opportunity for students, this internship model also contributes to the development of the local community and society. Furthermore, acquiring practical knowledge and experience while studying helps individuals to be competitive in the labor market.

QSD actively monitors and awards the work and progress of the interns. Consequently, after the internship, the most prominent students will have the opportunity to participate in the QLearnIT course for beginners worth 2200 EUR.

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