QSD Internship – Student Testimonials

Gain invaluable hands-on experience!

The University Internship Program at QSD brings you the opportunity to learn about our technology business, build your coding skills and prepare you for your career by participating in meaningful work. Our interns are given the chance to work on challenging world-class projects and are encouraged to offer fresh ideas, combined with guidance and mentorship from professionals with expertise in various fields. 

The internship experience broadens your perspective by learning about the company and the software industry principles at large, building professional relationships with colleagues, clients, and customers, and exploring various career paths. You are able to work on agile teams with colleagues and experienced software engineers to gain your first hands-on experience, grow your coding and problem-solving skills, share innovative ideas, and make connections that last a lifetime. 

We equip participants with the tools necessary to perform to their highest capability. This all-encompassing experience helps you identify your career path and set personal growth goals that support business objectives.

Take a look below to read some of our student testimonials and see what they have to say about their experience of studying with QSD.

“This  6-week  internship program in QSD  gave me the opportunity to experience firsthand the day-to-day job duties and face the scope of responsibilities in software development.  In addition, it truly benefited me widening my knowledge of career pathways  I may want to pursue and taught me transferable skills such as communication and teamwork.  Thanks to our mentors,  we were provided with excellent guidance on completing our project on time.” 

Elma Škulj

“Thanks to QSD’s unique learning opportunity to join their internship program,  I refined my skill set and witnessed the crucial importance of teamwork.  I am grateful for the newly acquired work habits that surely prepared us for the demands of today’s workforce.” 

Adin Ovčina

“This opportunity gave me the chance to step out of my comfort zone and gain first on-the-job experience by working on a project which complies with the client’s objectives.  During the last six weeks,  I’ve seen how to start a project from scratch and was introduced to the main principles of project management. One thing is sure: project groups with a shared mindset among team members exhibit effective teamwork. This experience will be remarkably valuable towards our future career paths.” 

Amra Dedić

“As an intern at QSD,  I found myself surrounded by mentors who were dedicated to helping me succeed.  I’ve consulted them on many occasions and they’ve been spot on every time. Engaging in the QSD Internship program is the building block necessary for creating the path to a successful career that is right for you. I can now understand the weight of responsibility in a working environment, whereas meeting the project deadline and respecting all team members.  I find  this  challenging opportunity as a frame of reference to appreciate the theory we have learned so far.”

 Edin Gondžo

“The University Internship program at QSD was an unforgettable challenge that broadened my knowledge and horizons.  I’ve had a  chance to learn many new things while working on a mobile app development project.  Predominantly,  the importance of collaboration and teamwork.  QSD has also taught me how to better manage my work responsibilities and prioritize deadlines. I  sincerely  believe  this experience  will have a highly positive impact  on my  future  career  progression  and  secure  gainful employment  after graduation.” 

Safija Hubljar 

“QSD  Internship has been a real eye-opening and enriching experience.  It made me realize how it is to work alongside engineers to solve real business challenges. I have only words of praise for the whole team   –  CEO, Project Manager,  and developers who were always willing to provide us with prompt guidance.  Besides  newly acquired  coding skills,  we were introduced to the main principles of Agile Scrum as well, which will certainly come in handy for our future professional careers.” 

Aldin Tanović

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