QSD Internship Program

Build your future with the QSD Internship Program.

For years we’ve been committed to supporting aspiring IT professionals in advancing their careers. And this year, in cooperation with universities in Mostar, QSD wants to offer absolute beginners the chance for a successful IT career through the QSD Internship Program.

In the QSD Internship Program, you work on a project under our mentorship. So, in addition to gaining practical experience, you also take ownership of your work, which can later be used as an excellent reference in your resume.

Interns have the opportunity to develop a full-stack application using cutting-edge technologies and learn how to implement best coding practices. Web services will be developed using back-end technologies based on frameworks such as Laravel. The application’s front-end will be developed using React or Angular framework.

The program is open to all third and fifth-year students from the IT universities mentioned above. The program lasts from 1 to 2 months, depending on the faculty. Students can apply via e-mail at internship@qsdbih.com.

An internship is primarily intended to give students the opportunity to put their academic skills into action and prepare them for their future careers.

If you are eager to learn, curious, thirsty for knowledge, and enjoy keeping up with the latest technologies, then you are the ideal candidate for a QSD internship!